The Smiths releasing massive, career-encompassing box set

09.13.11 8 years ago

Some Smiths fans are richer than others.

The seminal ’80s Manchester group may not be reuniting anytime soon (or ever?), but Morrissey and co. can still be heard in all their glory in an upcoming, very thorough box set.

Rhino Records is releasing a massive collection that will include just about every last recording the quartet ever made together. Titled “The Smiths Complete – Deluxe Collectors Box Set,” the beast will include all four studio albums (1984’s “The Smiths,” 1985’s “Meat Is Murder,” 1986’s “The Queen Is Dead,” 1987’s “Strangeways, Here We Come”), the 1988 live record “Rank” and the compilations “Hatful of Hollow” (1984), “The World Won’t Listen” (1987), and “Louder Than Bombs” (1987) on CD and 180-gram vinyl.

But that’s not all! The set will also feature reproductions of no less than 25 7″ singles, a 36″ x 24″ poster, The Complete Picture DVD of their music videos, expanded liner notes, eight 12″ prints, digital download codes, and a date with guitarist Johnny Marr (No, not really — but you can win his guitar in a contest).

Limited to a mere 4,000 copies, the set was remastered by Marr and Frank Arkwright.

The price? $500.

The Deluxe Collector”s Edition is available for pre-order at for $499.98 and will be released on October 25.

The eight albums will also be available as a CD box set ($70) and a limited edition vinyl box set ($250). Those versions will be released October 18.

Watch the “lost” promo video from 1992 here:

Here’s the list of 7″ singles that come with the deluxe box:

7” Singles – Deluxe Collector”s Edition Only

1. “Hand In Glove” b/w “Handsome Devil” (Live)
2. “Reel Around The Fountain” b/w “Jeane”
3. “This Charming Man” b/w “Jeane”
4. “What Difference Does It Make?” b/w “Back To The Old House”
5. “Heaven Knows I”m Miserable Now” b/w “Suffer Little Children”
6. “William, It Was Really Nothing” b/w “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want”
7. “William, It Was Really Nothing” b/w “How Soon Is Now?”
8. “How Soon Is Now?” b/w “Well I Wonder”
9. “The Headmaster Ritual” b/w “Oscillate Wildly”
10. “Shakespeare”s Sister” b/w “What She Said”
11. “Barbarism Begins At Home” b/w “Shakespeare”s Sister”
12. “That Joke Isn”t Funny Anymore” b/w “Meat Is Murder” (Live)
13. “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side” b/w “Asleep”
14. “Bigmouth Strikes Again” b/w “Money Changes Everything”
15. “Panic” b/w “Vicar In A Tutu”
16. “Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” b/w “The Draize Train”
17. “Ask” b/w “Cemetry Gates”
18. “Shoplifters Of The World Unite” b/w “Half A Person”
19. “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” b/w “Half A Person”
20. “Sheila Take A Bow” b/w “Is It Really So Strange?”
21. “Girlfriend In A Coma” b/w “Work Is a Four-Letter Word”
22. “I Started Something I Couldn”t Finish” b/w “Pretty Girls Make Graves”
23. “Stop Me If You Think You”ve Heard This One Before” b/w “Girlfriend In A Coma”

24. “Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me” b/w “Rusholme Ruffians”
25. “Sweet And Tender Hooligan” b/w “I Keep Mine Hidden”

Smiths fans — will you be buying the deluxe version? Or is it too much?

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