‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Is it time to say goodbye to Silas?

This week, the Silas/Amara/Tessa triangle finally did in some dopplegangers, and 2,000 years of hatred and spite was taken to its logical, bloody conclusion. I will say I’m a little sad to see this storyline wrap up (if it is, in fact, wrapped up) because I’d grown so fond of Silas. Yes, he was a horrible, horrible villain, but he was also a pretty funny one. Take this week’s opening scene; Silas yammers about his horrible life to a couple sitting at a bus stop. Yes, it might have been funnier if he hadn’t liquified the internal organs of the boyfriend to make a point, but then, it wouldn’t be Silas. 

Silas at least seems to be upbeat about his rotten luck. Stefan may look just like him, but he’s not so resilient. Tessa has returned Stefan’s memory to him, which Elena thinks is wonderful, wonderful news for some reason. I’m not sure why Elena thinks this will improve their relationship, as he was pretty unhappy about Delena both with and without a memory to back it up. I’m a little concerned by how must Elena wants to bond with Stefan, as it seems to border on let’s-get-back-together behavior. Although we’ve gotten the message over and over again of late — dopplegangers are meant for one another! — I’d hate to see her flip-flop on Damon just yet, especially given everything he’s doing for her.

Damon is definitely getting points for being the world’s best boyfriend. Now Elena can say, “Yeah, your guy got you roses? My guy brought my best friend BACK FROM THE DEAD!” Of course, Bonnie’s return is not without a catch or hundred, in that she suffers excruciating pain whenever a supernatural being crosses over to the other side. I knew Tessa wasn’t overly concerned with doing a good deed before she passed on to nag Silas for all eternity. It’s like “Fatal Attraction: The Afterlife.”

Tessa also had less than no interest in helping Katherine with her rapid aging problem. Yeah, she promised she would, but then she changed her mind, oh well! Although it’s hard to feel a great deal of compassion for Katherine, watching her get dragged into following orders (Hey, you! Give us your blood for a doppleganger spell, weak human!) is a little distressing. What is more upsetting is seeing her playing tough with her daughter, Nadia. Sure, she doesn’t want Nadia to fall apart when she realizes the mom she wanted for so long is dying a human death. She’s willing to let her child hate her if it will, in some small way, protect her. I’d argue that Nadia would rather have a few good months with Katherine and then lose her to mortality than believe she’s really kicking her to the curb, but I suspect Nadia’s going to figure out Katherine’s plan sooner rather than later. The real question is — is “The Vampire Diaries” really going to kill off Katherine? Yes, we lost Silas and Amara, but Katherine was more than just a plot point. She’s been an important part of the series, and while she doesn’t have Klaus hunting her down these days, I’d hate to watch her wither into a gray-haired raisin and expire. 

Killing Silas was on Stefan’s to-do list for good reason, and he actually got his wish. Still, it doesn’t seem to have made him happy. Elena sort of taunts Stefan about this, it seems, by telling him it’s REALLY important to her that he’s HAPPY about killing Silas, as she had a great summer banging his brother while he was drowning over and over and over again. It’s not the most tactful delivery, but Stefan still admits he wishes she (and Damon) were the ones to have found him in his watery grave. It seems old Stefan is back, and Elena might not give Damon as many brownie points for rescuing Bonnie as you might thing. After all (yes, yes, we get it), dopplegangers always end up together. 

Still, none of this — not the deaths of Amara, Tessa or even Silas — were the really big news in this episode. After Jeremy and Bonnie set us up for the cutesy “What’s the third thing?” moment, it didn’t seem entirely clear that Bonnie was going to come back. I never assume “The Vampire Diaries” is going to do the safe thing or the thing that fans hope will happen, as the show has bravely killed off characters before. I’m glad to see Bonnie back, but I have to wonder when she’s going to turn into Crazy Pants 2: Electric Boogaloo. At least we now know exactly why Amara was looking for sharp things to plunge into her neck. If this passing-through process hurts as much as it seems to hurt, Bonnie may wish she’d never come back — even for Jeremy.

Do you think Bonnie will regret coming back? Do you think Katherine will die? How do you feel about what happened to Silas, Amara and Tessa?