‘The Vampire Diaries’ recap: Who cares about Travelers when there’s kissing?

Yes, I know, the Travelers are breathing down our doppelgangers' necks like racewalking hipsters with boundary issues, Enzo is messing with everyone far more than a ghost really should be allowed to mess, and Tyler is in big, big trouble. But hey, Delena!

I know, I'm skipping ahead, but I'm still not entirely sure what to make of the kiss between Damon and Elena at the end of the episode. Of course, I never really bought into the idea that Damon had to kick Elena to the curb like a sack of rotten vegetable peelings because he's such a bad influence on her. This week, it seems that he's not mad at her for keeping Stefan's secret about killing Enzo, and he's miserable just being around her, but he's also miserable not being around her, so kissing. Elena seemed justifiably confused as well, but at the very least she got a big smooch out of it all.

A slightly more linear path to love emerged between Caroline and Stefan, mainly because Caroline finally seems to be cluing into what she's really feeling for the guy. It helps to have a pang of jealousy clarify matters, but now the question is whether or not she (or Stefan) will act on the obvious chemistry. And can someone tell me what this ship name is? Staroline? Just for reference, you know. 

It's amazing anyone has time for thoughts of love, as it looks like there's absolutely no way to beat these Travelers, at least not without a body count. Just when it looks as if Tyler might be able to shake free of his bonds, fooling Maria into believing he's really Julian and then turning into his wolf/hybrid form to shake his chains, even more obstacles pop up. Julian emerges to reluctantly explain that his body needs to be found in a dank, drippy cave by our trusty Scooby gang (or more specifically, Bonnie and Jeremy) before the Travelers get it. Cute date alert!

Even Jeremy has to admit there's no way to put a romantic spin on finding a bunch of deadish bodies stacked on the ground, but just as the two are cute-bickering about whether they've found Julian's identifying tattoo, lo and behold, the Travelers show up and give Jeremy a splitting headache. Next thing you know, Tyler seems to be permanently in Julian mode. Yikes! I will say, this episode gave Michael Trevino a great opportunity to not only play two different characters at one (his Julian was very distinct), but convey every manifestation of extreme pain you can imagine. Still, I'd like regular old Tyler back, please. 

We knew Stefan's little secret about Enzo couldn't stay secret for long, especially when Damon, Caroline, Elena and Stefan decide to hide from the Travelers at Caroline's dad's old cabin. Stefan was so frightened of how Damon would react to losing his friend, and ultimately it wasn't that big of a deal, was it? Sure, Damon slugged his brother, but he also understood that he would have done the same thing. If anything, Damon seemed angrier at himself for not realizing Enzo was dead. 

Ultimately, Stefan learns the value of not keeping secrets, as Enzo (who is a very interactive ghost, I'll say) decides to run off with Luke, tie him up in a shed, then set the place on fire as he pokes and prods Stefan and Damon into submission. When Damon finally promises Enzo he'll find a way to bring him back, the three of them are spared — though Stefan later has a good question. Um, how are you gonna do that, Damon?

Eh, he'll figure something out. After all, Grams is bumping into lamps while warning Bonnie about everyone on the other side being “swept away,” so it's a whole new ballgame for the supernatural dead these days. Maybe Damon can ask Liv for a favor next week. Oh, darn, maybe not, as she'll be too busy trying to decide whether to kill Stefan, Elena, or both of them to stop the Travelers. Yeah, it's not a great time to be a doppelganger, is it? 

Do you think Caroline will make a move on Stefan? How do you think the Travelers can be beaten? Were you surprised Damon was so quick to forgive his brother for killing his best friend?