The Wachowskis head back to original SF with ‘Jupiter Ascending’

There are certain filmmakers who have earned a permanent spot on the list of people whose work I will always approach with an open mind and a sense of optimism, and the Wachowskis are absolutely on that list.

Sure, there’s “The Matrix,” that bolt-out-of-the-blue hit that made them into A-list names, but as much as I admire that movie, I’m equally fond of both “Bound,” the indie thriller that was their directorial debut, and “Speed Racer,” the much-maligned but genuinely inspired kaleidoscopic adaptation of the Japanese cartoon.  I think they have great energy as filmmakers and I also think they have contributed to a serious expansion of the vocabulary of science-fiction and action on film.

I’m very curious about “Cloud Atlas,” the film they’re shooting now, and I think it sounds bold and experimental and unusual.  After that, though, it looks like they’re going to be making a big-ticket science-fiction film for Warner Bros, not based on anything else, and thanks to Deadline’s story today, we know now that “Jupiter Ascending” is the title.  Beyond that, we know nothing else right now.  The film is out to actors, which is how the story broke.

As much as I’m curious to learn what the film’s about, I’m happy waiting.  I don’t mind.  I’m curious to see who ends up working with them on the film.  I know if I was an actor and they calleffd, I’d drop everything, just for the adventure of saying I worked on something they made.

I’m glad to see Warner Bros. in a relationship with the Wachowskis that is ongoing.  The shortsighted thing would have been to throw them under the bus after “Speed Racer,” but Warner stuck it out.  I think you have to bet big on something like these guys doing a new science-fiction film, and I’m ready to see them return to the genre, but with something new.