‘The Walking Dead’ Is Looking For Contortionists To (Probably) Play Bendy Zombies

Now that HBO’s Game of Thrones has ended for another year (or more), pop culture entertainment looks for the next meal to placate the ravenous maw that is television audiences. For the most part, television is no longer a communal experience. Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, along with DVR technology, have forever shattered the “water cooler” atmosphere the day after a show airs. Game of Thrones was one of the few series remaining that feels like a group event. The other fantasy drama that fall into this rarified category is AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Despite a tragedy on set back in July, production on the zombie drama’s eighth season continues apace. Fans are expecting the war between Negan’s followers and the The Group to be of epic proportions. But this “all-out war” still takes place in a landscape populated by shambling corpses bent on the mindless destruction of humanity. What is The Walking Dead if not constantly pushing the boundaries of zombie special effect make-up? Each season brings newer, gooier, and more terrifying iterations than the one before. What new nightmare fuel will this season bring? If this casting call courtesy of Backstage is any indication, it’ll be zombies in tight spaces no human was meant to squeeze into.

Contortionists (Background / Extra): Males & Females, 18-50. Must be able to bend their arms and shoulders in various unique angles. All ethnicities.

There are so many horrific ways this could play out on The Walking Dead. Did Negan’s people cram their dead into lockers? Did an unknown group of survivors lock themselves away only to die anyway? Exactly how small of a space can a determined zombie fit into? Are they in the ventilation system? Are we dealing with the John McClane of zombies? Since the casting call doesn’t even begin filming until mid-September, fans will have to wait until well into the season to see what kind of horrors one can create with a group of contortionists and latex flesh.