‘The Walking Dead’s’ Melissa McBride on Carol’s uncertain future

(CBR) Warning: spoilers from the latest episode of The Walking Dead lurk ahead.

No character currently on “The Walking Dead” is experiencing a more fascinating story arc than Carol Peletier. Once an abused wife and an anxious mother, Carol is now widowed, childless and cold, willing to do whatever she must to keep her fellow survivors safe in an increasingly deadly world.

In fact, Carol recently took it upon herself to murder two members of the group who had fallen ill with a mysterious sickness, as a means of preventing the disease from spreading and infecting others. Only Rick Grimes knew about Carol”s actions – and he took it upon himself to banish her from the Prison.

With Carol off on the road and away from Rick”s group, it”s worth wondering if we”ve seen the last of her on “The Walking Dead”. For her part, actress Melissa McBride won”t say “for sure one way or the other.”

“I hope that”s not the last of her, but you know the way this show is,” she told Entertainment Weekly about Carol”s future. “The show is unpredictable. And we always think, well, if we don”t see them die on camera, there”s always a possibility. And then we do see them die on camera and sometimes they still come back, so who knows?”

Whether or not Carol”s days are done, McBride is thankful for the journey the writers have put her on not just this season, but over four years of apocalyptic mayhem.

“It has been amazing to play this character,” she said. “She just started out complicated and it”s gotten more complicated. But there”s so much evolution and so much change just dictated by the world that they”re in. Yes, she has been an actor”s dream for me.”