The Weekend Rant: ‘How I Met Your Father’ and Kanye West

11.03.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

This edition of The Weekend Rant finds HitFix staffers scratching their heads over the announced “How I Met Your Mother” spin-off and the latest news from the world of Kanye West.

What’s with Kanye West?

Kanye West had a weird October. His tour looks like it will be postponed indefinitely due to a truck accident that damaged his stage displays. The concerts he has managed to perform made headlines due mostly to his monologues and White Jesus. He got engaged and then he sued the founder of YouTube over a leaked video of his marriage proposal to Kim Kardashian, which in itself was like a meta commentary on privacy and publicity of Famous People. He ended his beef with Jimmy Kimmel in still one of the more self-unaware moments of his career and he officially launched his G.O.O.D. fashion label. I’m amused, still, with West’s struggle and wins with his own celebrity status. But I just kinda miss the part where we talk about music — which is exactly what he wanted to do to begin with. Can we get back on track?
-Katie Hasty

Do we really want to re-meet “How I Met Your Mother”?

-Daniel Fienberg

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