‘The Wolverine’ writer taking on ‘Assassin’s Creed’ adaptation


Ubisoft and New Regency seem to be rolling right along with their adaptation of Assassin”s Creed, the long-running video game franchise. Michael Fassbender has been attached to star for a while, but now the getting closer to a finished script.

As revealed in a conversation with CreatingScreenwriting – the same one in which Mark Bomback revealed that Rogue was almost in his The Wolverine screenplay – Scott Frank announced he rewrote the script.

Part of what was so attractive of doing The Wolverine, outside of working with Jim [Mangold], was the idea that I”ve never done a movie like this before. I”m rewriting Assassin”s Creed right now, and what I love about it is that I”ve never adapted a video game before and it has its own set of challenges. Especially in the world of rewrites, I love trying to do something completely different if I can. That”s how Marley & Me happened. It was a challenge and I loved every minute of it because it was sort of about my own family and I did it for my oldest daughter. We used to walk our dog every night and talk about it, and she read the book and so when it came my way I was intrigued. I realized it wasn”t about the dog, it was about how messy marriage is. I could completely relate to that because I have three kids and the history of our family is told through our dogs, and I love that. It was so different than anything I”ve ever done before that it was really quite a lot of fun for me.

Frank, who also wrote Minority Report and Out of Sight, and is coming on after British playwright Michael Lesslie took an early pass on the script. Assassin”s Creed is scheduled for a June 19, 2015 release.

(via IGN)