Two new ‘Warcraft’ TV spots will have you itching to head back to Azeroth

Yes, I'm going to use the word epic. #sorrynotsorry.

While I don't go all the way back to Vanilla, I did start playing World of Warcraft during the first expansion – Burning Crusade – and I've been playing ever since. I'm also one of those people who was on board with the idea of a Warcraft movie pretty much from the beginning. However, I'm also one of those people who knows that movies based on video games or fantasy games can go horribly awry, so I was cautiously optimistic but still guarded.

After having seen the two most recent TV spots, however, I'm just going to jump on board fully and say that I'm ready for this movie and I need it in my eye and ear holes, like, yesterday.

Some of this footage has been seen in the trailer, but there is new imagery spread throughout. Gul'dan looks amazing. OMG Fel Fire! Magic, fights, wolves, Orcs!  Stormwind is pretty and Garona is sassy. Seriously, it all looks fantastic. If I have one minor complaint, it's that jump onto the gryphon. Anyone who's tried to mount while falling knows that's just unpossible.

Seriously, I need it to be June.

Warcraft arrives in theaters June 10, 2016.