Listen to what happened when a composer used razors on guitars for this new horror film

In new horror film “Some Kind of Hate,” razors are the villain”s weapon of choice.

And razors were the composer”s instrument of choice, of sorts.

In the new supernatural slasher, Moira, the spirit of a bullied girl, wields razor blades in her quest for ghostly revenge. Composer Robert Allaire scraped razor blades across the strings of a Fender Strat guitar to create dissonant, unsettling sounds for score of the film, which opens in theaters today.

Allaire (whose credits include this year”s John Hawkes drama “Too Late”) uses prepared guitar a lot in his work. So he did try placing razor blades between the strings of the guitar. But that didn”t work as well as using paper clips on prepared guitars, he told HitFix. Ultimately, he got the desired effect by placing a contact mic on the body of the guitar, picking up the vibration going through the instrument as he scraped razor blades across its strings.

HitFix has two exclusive tracks Allaire composed for the film. Below listen to the track titled “Moira”:

This track is the theme for Moira (played by Sierra McCormick, pictured below), the film”s villain, though Allaire explained that “she”s a very dangerous character, but she”s also very sympathetic because in some ways she”s a victim herself. I really wanted to capture both of those worlds.”

Allaire said he and director Adam Egypt Mortimer were hoping to bring a not-quite-musical sound to the score of “Some Kind of Hate,” reminiscent of the breath-y “ki ki ki ma ma ma” sounds in the “Friday the 13th” soundtrack. (To create that sound in the 1980 horror classic, composer Harry Manfredini spoke those syllables into a microphone and then ran them into an echo reverberation machine.) 

Next, check out the second HitFix exclusive track from the film, “This Is What You Wanted.”

“Some Kind of Hate” chronicles the tale of a bullied teenager sent to a reform school in the desert where he accidentally summons the spirit of a girl. The film is available to see in a limited theater release and on VOD and iTunes on Friday, Sept. 18. A full list of theaters where “Some Kind of Hate” is playing is on the films official website.