‘Zoolander 2’: Roman numerals are hard

“In the beginning, there was nothing, an infinite void then in an instant everything known to man came into being…Why are we here? Is there intelligent life beyond our galaxy? Or the one question that has puzzled mankind since the beginning of time…”

That Stephen Hawking-like voice (DECTalk's “Dennis” speech synthesizer) is an alarm, it's finally time for “Zoolander 2.”

Though the Blue Steel-ing male model may not be able to answer the question “If God exists, then why did he make ugly people?”

The long-sought sequel to the Ben Stiller-starrer from 2001 has its first video teaser, ahead of a Feb. 12 release date (that date, naturally, was announced during Paris Fashion Week this year). Owen Wilson will be returning, with Kristen Wiig co-starring and loads of cameos (including Justin Bieber) already lining up.