This is how a super-fan is born

So long, and thanks for all the fish. 

It is with a heavy but excited and hopeful heart that I make my exit from HitFix. I can honestly say that it has been my honor to be a part of this team. I will continue to follow the work of the brilliant writers and content creators on this site, just as I did before I arrived.

It's been remarkable to have the opportunity to speak with the folks who are absolutely at the top of their respective fields about their passions: Drew on film and Alan on TV. It's like having some of the best dinner conversations of your life as your job. The same can be said of Chris Eggertsen, who specializes in horror (and, yes, Howard Stern), and Donna Dickens in geek culture, who it has been my pleasure to fan-fic and debate with in our She Saids. Our own Emily Rome is one of the most talented, and kind, young reporters I've ever met. Brendan O'Brien, our social guru and headline Jedi, is simply one of the best humans alive, and about as valuable an asset as any company could hope for.

Matt Perez-Mora has been the most amazing partner in Hitfix video crime that I could ever hope for! I legitimately miss him already. We both miss the incredible creative spark and humor of our previous producer Dick Schultz.

Of course everyone misses comedic genus Louis Virtel, who's gone on to conquer the world!

We're all lucky to be guided by the creative vision of our fearless leader Richard Rushfield, our EIC, and to have Jen Sargent spearheading our efforts on the business side. As well as the rest of Hitfix Inc.!

I have enjoyed my time here more than I can say and have learned endless valuable lessons.

I want to very sincerely thank those who have been supportive of my efforts here. It has meant more than I can say. I am in awe of the talent, knowledge, and unique nature of the people I”ve been lucky enough to work with over the last year.

I”m off to a new adventure at ScreenJunkies, and I can”t wait to tell everyone more about it. I am on Twitter @RothCornet.

In the video above, I pass the Fandemantle to the phenomenal Miri Jedeikin, who will be taking over as host here at HitFix. She”s beyond wonderful, and I can”t wait to see more of what she and the team create. Above, we talk about what led us to the fan community, and when we discovered that we loved things just a little bit more than can be considered normal…

Below is one of our earliest interviews, with The Night Before director Jonathan Levine, who was simply a joy.

If you like, our Fandemonium hub can be found here and Girls on Film (with myself, Miri, and Alicia Malone here) and our She Said/She Saids here!

Thank you so very much… Till soon.