This Is What Game Of Thrones Would Look Like If Disney Adapted It


'Game of Thrones' is a lot of things – a morally ambiguous epic, an exploration and subversion of fantasy tropes, proof television can have great VFX – but one thing it isn't is family friendly. That means there are literally millions of humans too young to properly enjoy the antics of the Stark and Lannister conflict. Which cannot stand.

Enter fan artists. All across DeviantArt people have individually concluded the best way to reach the seething marketing mass of children is with a Disney-fied version of Thrones. Which makes sense if you know anything about the gruesome origins of tales such as 'Cinderella' and 'The Little Mermaid.' Think about it, we're just one plot scrub away from this merchandise gold.

Anderson Mahanski invisions Dany and Drogo as adorable protagonists. A mix of 'Brave' and 'How To Train Your Dragon,' (yes not Disney but still) this Princess and her pets learns the value of not judging her husband by his looks and how to be strong in the face of adversity to become a leader.

Anderson Mahanski

Jon Snow and the silent Ghost frolic in the wintery North as part of the Night's Watch in this panel by Fernando Mendonça. Think half 'Pocahontas' and half 'Frozen' as Jon befriends the local wildlife and learns to control his special connection to his direwolf. A traditional coming-of-age story about an underdog boy rising through the ranks to show the bullies he can be the very best, like no one ever was.

Fernando Mendonça

Disney has done lecherous characters in the past so this frame by Fernando Mendonça is not out of the realms of possibility. He's basically Frollo from 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame' without all the hangups about sex and religion. Toss in the charisma of the foxy (literally) Robin Hood and he's ready to roll as the wisdom spewing character everyone wrongly initially pegged as the comic relief.

Fernando Mendonça

Ray Dillon imagines Drogo as a blend between Genghis Khan in 'Mulan' and Gaston from 'Beauty and the Beast.' Since this is aimed at kids, Drogo can go either way: the straight up evil overlord who forces Dany into marriage or – preferably – shatter preconceptions as a noble hero who just happens to look like a racist caricature of a 'mongrel horde' leader. A blossoming love story can even end the same since Disney isn't known to shy away from key character deaths.

Ray Dillon

While Miss Aniek might have drawn Cersei to look like a Disney Princess, we all know the truth. But continuing to teach kids the valuable lesson that attractive people aren't always trustworthy is a noble one. Her foil in Sansa is even greater here as she will be the most relatable to the pint-size princesses in the theater. To watch young Sansa outwit even the most seasoned courtiers might not be the same as sword-wielding Arya but it's a battle all the same.

Miss Aniek

Of course there are still dozens of characters who need to Disneyfication. How does Sandor Clegane look animated? What about Bran and Hodor? And how exactly would you convert the Red Wedding into something scrubbed down enough for any audience? Leave your suggestion and/or art in the comments!

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