This Is What Happens When You Let The Internet Name Your Baby

01.14.14 5 years ago

Over the last few decades, humanity has seen it’s share of weird baby names. From the now innocuous Apple to the terrible Moon-Unit to the groan-worthy Renesmee, there are a lot of kids walking around with internal countdowns to eighteen when they can legally be free of their identity albatross.

Until now, all those kids could lay the blame squarely their parents’ feet. But no more! Now the Internet at large will be responsible for years of therapy for poor Baby McLaughlin.

In an age of Internet Fame, one man – with his wife’s permission – is asking the Internet to vote on the name of his baby daughter. To the surprise of that one guy who just discovered the Internet three hours ago, a lot of the most popular names are completely inappropriate for a human baby.

Photo Via: Reddit

As of this posting, the current winning moniker doesn’t even sound like a girl’s name. Come on, guys! If you have to name her after a dark all-powerful god from the Lovecraft lexicon at least go with Cthulhu’s bride, Kassogtha.

Of course, these parents aren’t completely irresponsible. A disclaimer on their website,, does state they have final veto say over Baby McLaughlin’s name. Out of all of the favorite choices, the Doctor Who companions – Amelia Rose – have the best chance of taking home the gold. The baby is due on April 2nd, 2014 voting is still open as of this posting.

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