This ‘Lego Batman’ trailer will restore your faith in the Caped Crusader

I haven't seen it yet, but word on the street is Batman v Superman is not very good. But do not despair too much, Dark Knight fans, because Warner Bros., perhaps sensing the incoming backlash, just released a teaser for The Lego Batman Movie.  

This is the Will Arnett-voiced Batman, who doesn't have knees but still seems to very much enjoy life and being Batman. Look at his huge smile as he flies the Batwing over Lego Gotham!

“I saved the city again,” he growls as we see him run into battle with the Lego Justice League. “It was off the chain.”

Here it is, in all its mic-dropping, Wiz Khalifa-ing, lobster-thermidor-microwaving glory.

The Lego Batman Movie will hit theaters on February 10, 2017.