This Mesmerizing GIF Of Emma Watson Will Forever Change You

There are some images that burn into your retinas, never to be unseen. The death of Artax in 'The Neverending Story,' the realization your parents weren't wrestling when you busted in on them at the age of five,  that creepy episode of 'The X-Files' with the inbred family keeping their mom under the bed for reproduction purposes. 

But they all pale in comparison to this. If I had to see, then you have to see it.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! NO. NOPE. Why? Why does this exist? What are we looking at? Who would unleash this terror onto an unsuspecting populace? What did Emma Watson and Sofia Vergara do to deserve this? I decided to find out.

This GIF popped up yesterday on the photo-sharing site Imgur and quickly spread like wildfire because it is literally the visual equivalent of forcing a friend to smell sour milk while saying “Smell how bad this is!” The person responsible for uploading the image was user SleepingPill. A quick glance shows they've been active on the site for a couple months so this is no drive-by GIF-ing.

Thanks to the power of reverse image search, we can trace this nightmare back to YouTube. Here, feel free to traumatize yourself further by watching it. The damage is done, might as well go for broke.

The creator of this video – Curveball Be – has been on YouTube since 2008. Why they waited six years before loosing their monstrosity is anyone's guess but it went up two months ago and is the only video they've created to date. On their site, they thank Kerry Johnson of for the original footage they manipulated. Johnson creates wearable silicon masks and busts similar to the Emma Watson one only with 900% more dead eyes stealing your soul the longer you look. I'll admit this is an impressive piece of VFX work even if it keeps me awake for weeks as I slowly feel the need to try and stick my hands under my flesh to see what celebrity lies beneath.