This ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ A Cappella Video is Flawless

Face it: As long as we live, it's going to feel great to reflect on the “Mario” franchise. We'll be referencing Goombas and Thwomps and the glamorous Wendy O. Koopa for decades. I'm on board.

And here's a new great way to celebrate Mario's legacy: Check out YouTube sensation Smooth McGroove, who just released this kickass a cappella rendition of the “Super Mario Bros. 3” World 1 Overworld theme. I'll keep my ears open for his inevitable version of the icy-cool World 6 map-screen theme.

As for Smooth McGroove's other videos, here are my two favorites: His SNES “Rainbow Road” recreation from “Super Mario Kart” and spotless version of Ryu's theme from “Street Fighter II.”