This Warren Beatty ‘Rules Don’t Apply” movie looks boring AF

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Warren Beatty is a legend. Have you seen the movie Reds? If you haven't, stop what you're doing and see the movie Reds, featuring some of the most beautiful cinematography you'll ever see by Vittorio Storaro.  

Also, while we're here and still talking, Heaven Can Wait is one of the best comedies ever made. Warren Beatty was a big creative force behind that one, too.  

Rules Don't Apply?  I mean, it doesn't seem that edgy to me, but what do I know? It takes place in the 1950s, which makes sense because the last time Warren Beatty did something super contemporary he was rapping in the movie Bulworth, and that still gives me night sweats.

We are told that this is an “unconventional love story.” I'm not so sure, at least not based on this trailer. It's just about two young, attractive people in Los Angeles falling in love. I'm not blown away that Lily Collins and Alden Ehrenreich are drawn to one another. I mean, no kidding? Look at them. They also happen to have a super weird boss in Howard Hughes (played by Warren Beatty), but that hardly seems relevant. 

I see no rule breaking here. Rules seem to be applying. You know what would break the rules? I mean, besides Warren Beatty calling in people like Martin Sheen to do awesome cameos? If this guy showed up:


Then it's like, whoa, what's he doing here? He wasn't invented until the mid-'80s. And then if ALF has some sort of sexually charged '50s dinner party with himself, Lily Collins, Alden Ehrenreich, and Howard Hughes, in which they feed each other sticks of butter and watch stag videos of the Sexy Sax Man from Lost Boys, then you leave the theater with, “Hey, I didn't see that coming. The rules did not apply to this movie!”

I don't know, guys. You tell me if this is good and then I'll see it with you if you want to see it again.