This week in unfounded rumors – ‘Frozen 2,’ ‘Captain Marvel,’ and more


Sometimes a rumor slips through the cracks of the news cycle. When that happens, we”re here to pick up the slack. So what did we miss while distracted by Super Bowl XLIX hype this week? From Disney's “Frozen” sequel to perennial rumor-mill Star Wars to Indiana Jones, these are the best baseless rumors of the week!

#1: Marvel-ous TV takeover continues – ABC and Netflix aren”t the only Marvel game in town. The Hollywood Reporter has heard rumblings that Fox is in the preliminary stages of developing an “X-Men” spin-off show with Evan Katz and Manny Coto.

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

Probability Meter: 98%. There is literally no reason Fox wouldn”t be doing this. Superheroes at their zenith; strike while the iron is hot!

#2: From Katniss to princess – Somehow a remix of Jennifer Lawrence”s song about suicide from “The Hunger Games” became a Top 40 hit. Which means Disney must be after her now, right? Christian Today have seen multiple sources saying Disney executives want Lawrence for the “Frozen 2” cast.

Image Credit: Lionsgate

Probability Meter: 40%. Disney is not one to let money slip through their grasp, so a “Frozen” sequel is an inevitability. And Jennifer Lawrence is at the top of her game. Maybe she”d be up to work in her pajamas doing voice work, but her dance card is pretty full right now.

#3: Clone Club to Clone Wars – Total Geeks is reporting they”ve gotten confirmation from “inside sources” that “Orphan Black” star Tatiana Maslany has been tapped to star in Gareth Edwards” “Star Wars” stand-alone film.

Image Credit: BBC

Probability Meter: 65%. Maslany DID recently drop out from an off-Broadway production of “The Way We Get By” due to film scheduling conflicts. FILM, not television. If she backed out for a movie role, it must be a juicy one. Why not Star Wars?

#4: Can Captain Marvel come from Westeros? – After a Marvel executive replied to a question about Carol Danvers on Tumblr with a GIF of Natalie Dormer peaked fan interest, Celebitchy got wind that the “Game of Thrones” alumni might be up for the role of Captain Marvel.

Image Credit: Lionsgate

Probability Meter: 5%. The executive in question is Agent M (Ryan Penagos) who is well known for his GIF responses. In this case, a smirk is just a smirk. Though, for what it”s worth, Dormer”s name has bee bandied about for the role of Captain Marvel for months.

#5: Chris Pratt, last action hero – Continuing his transformation into a Millennial Harrison Ford, Deadline heard from anonymous sources that Disney wants Chris Pratt to play Indiana Jones in a rebooted version of the franchise.

Image Credit: Legendary Pictures

Probability Meter: 35%. Guys, we all love Chris Pratt but you can”t cast him in everything. Surely there has to be at least ONE other handsome, charming man under 50 that you can convert into a lovable action hero? Also, do not remake “Indiana Jones.” Don”t do it.

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