This week’s ‘Ask Drew’ examines the aggressive issue of Chris Nolan fanboys

These are going to start playing a little shorter.

We're trying to turn each episode of “Ask Drew” into a fun little streamlined bullet fired directly into your brain pan. I can be a verbose SOB given even the slightest prompting, and part of the fun of “Ask Drew” is that I have no time to prepare for any of these questions. Because I can talk endlessly, though, when we do six or seven questions, these things start to get longer than they should be.

We cover some ground this week, too, with one of the highlights for me being a question about Christopher Nolan. It's interesting to me because of how it was phrased, and how clearly it's a case of perspective. How you feel about Chris Nolan's fans probably depends largely on just how enamored you are with Nolan's work yourself.

Fandom is a fascinating, and at times terrifying, phenomenon these days. There was a time where I thought the Internet's effect on fandom was a pure good thing. I know that one of the reasons I initially fell so hard for the online experience was the idea that I could finally find all of my people, the ones who loved the same things I did, the ones who would want to argue with me about the things worth arguing about, and the ones who would love to just dig deeper into talking about all of it.

These days, though, it's all starting to feel fairly toxic. Fans are starting to create insular communities, and instead of taking comfort in the fact that they've got a place where they fit and a group that supports them, they behave like they've got to attack anyone who disagrees with them, particularly if that person has a platform to share those ideas.

I also really liked this week's “Movie God,” because it was a strong example of taking two things that share something, but that are very different examples of it.

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