‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Clips Answer The Question, ‘Who’s The Strongest Avenger?’

Entertainment Editor
10.16.17 2 Comments

The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok teased the fight between Thor and his “friend from work” Hulk, but we can already guess how that fight may end based on the joke in the new clip above. Thor can’t get a ship’s computer to acknowledge him as the pilot, because the “strongest Avenger” needs to unlock it. If he’s going to drive our ships to new lands and fight the hordes, he’ll need someone to get the engine to start first. Luckily — after a little retconning — the real “strongest Avenger” is on hand.

Marvel has also released another clip and two TV spots recently. The first video below shows part of a no-longer-secret cameo, when another hero informs Thor that Destiny has some plans for him. Does that destiny involve noticing when Valkyrie does a cool stunt? Because Valkyrie wants us to notice when she does a cool stunt.

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