Thor: Ragnarok director determined to make Thunder God more than just abs

Last week, in the midst of the snow and mayhem that is the Sundance Film Festival I sat down with What We Do in the Shadows director Taika Waititi to talk about his gut-bustlingly uproarious new comedy Hunt for the Wilderpeople. During the course of our chat, we also touched on Thor: Ragnarok, which Waititi is helming for Marvel.

One of the big questions fans have is how verbal and conscious the Hulk will be in this film. Piecing together the bits of information that have been revealed, Thor: Ragnarok looks to be a space-buddy adventure featuring The Hulk and Thor traveling through the galaxy in search of…something. Odin, perhaps? As Loki has disposed of the All-Father and commandeered his throne.

Mark Ruffalo has also teased a more conscious Hulk, indicating that the relationship between Bruce Banner and his alter ego is transforming. 

What kind of Hulk will we be getting?

When asked how that may play out in the film, Waititi replied, “It's interesting, because at the moment, there's a big conversation that's happening about how far to push that. Whether or not The Hulk should be [verbal/conscious].”

“I think a lot of those conversations have more to do with what's going to come up in future movies,” Waititi continued. “So I think a lot of those decisions are larger group decisions, rather than anything to do with just me or the writer. They have a lot of stuff that they have to consider. But I do think that's the best way to track it. I think we all want that. I think we all want to see that development and the evolution of that character. I also think you can do it in a fun way.”

Does the franchise need Loki?

Tom Hiddleston”s Loki has become an integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Some might argue that the character is just as essential to this particular franchise as Chris Hemsworth”s Thor.