The ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer Is Officially Marvel And Disney’s Most Watched Ever And It Only Took One Day

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04.11.17 2 Comments

If you were insanely excited about the first Thor: Ragnarok trailer when it dropped, you weren’t alone in your rewarded anticipation. Fans have already spent valuable time picking each screenshot apart for Easter Eggs and story clues, figuring out how each new character fits into the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe and Avengers’ world, and deciding on which piece of the few-minute long trailer was the best part besides the epic line “He’s a friend from work!”

New statistics, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, show that the trailer has now smashed both Disney and Marvel’s most-viewed trailer records with 136 million views in just the first 24 hours. That not only beats every other Avengers or Avengers-tangential film, but also is more than Beauty and the Beast, The Force Awakens, and Captain America: Civil War. That also means it’s more than any Pixar movie ever as well.

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