‘Thor: The Dark World’ posts massive opening weekend overseas

11.03.13 5 years ago

The thunder god is already creating a box-office storm overseas.

Marvel sequel “Thor: The Dark World” grossed north of $109 million in its international rollout over the weekend (beginning Wednesday), with the film ringing up impressive returns in territories including Belgium, Finland, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Philippines, South Korea, Sweden, UK, Australia, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, Spain and Taiwan. This is all before the film opens in North America, where it’s slated to hit screens this Friday.

By point of comparison, the first “Thor” grossed north of $268 million during its entire international run (it made a grand total of $449 million including domestic receipts). Look for “The Dark World” to top that total when all is said and done.

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