Tina Fey brought up Bill Cosby’s rape allegations on ‘SNL,’ too

Tina Fey brought up Bill Cosby”s rape allegations on “SNL,” too
In 2005, four years before Fey tackled the Cosby rape controversy on “30 Rock,” she and Amy Poehler not only joked about the allegations but pointed out how Cosby was a powerful man who could affect your future ability to work. PLUS: LAPD will investigate any Cosby rape allegations, and Cosby”s attorney says the woman alleging she was assaulted at age 15 tried to extort the comedian.

Report: Luke Wilson to star in Cameron Crowe”s Showtime pilot “Roadies”
Wilson and Imogen Poots are poised to join the Showtime backstage rock “n” roll comedy that is from producer J.J. Abrams.

ESPN”s Allison Williams has been confused with her “Peter Pan Live!” counterpart for 3 years
“Even though I”m older, she can be Allison Williams,” says ESPN sideline reporter Allison Williams. “Or we could arm wrestle for the right to be ‘The Real Allison Williams.”” PLUS: Allison Williams as Peter Pan looks like Brian Williams in high school.

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Masuka from “Dexter” joins “True Detective”
C.S. Lee will recur as California”s attorney general on the HBO series.

James Franco and Nicki Minaj salute “Peter Pan Live!” in new “SNL” promos
They are “besties” in real life.

San Bernardino DA posts YouTube video railing against Jon Stewart
San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos wasn”t pleased to see a police shooting incident in his county mentioned in a “Daily Show” segment on Ferguson.

What”s it like working in “The Good Wife”s” lunch-obsessed writers” room?
Exec producer Craig Turk, as part of a podcast called “Working,” describes the intricacies of writing for the hit CBS series, including obsessing over lunch.

NBC: Jimmy Fallon should return from paternity leave on Monday
“The Tonight Show” host took off three days this week after the birth of his daughter.

Watch the full “Looking” Season 2 trailer
The HBO series” 2nd trailer features a glimpse of “Mean Girls” star Daniel Franzese, plus it shows how Season 2 goes outside of San Francisco.

Tracy Morgan was captured walking Thursday with his walker
“I'm fighting everyday,” the former “30 Rock” star told the paparazzi.

“American Horror Story” has become so dull, even with a “Blood Bath” episode
“'Freak Show' squandered any goodwill it might have earned going into the season on too many unearned, sensationalistic, torture-porn-y moments,” says Lenika Cruz.

HBO”s remastering of “The Wire” is fixing something that wasn”t broken
It”s the equivalent of Ted Turner colorizing black and white movies or George Lucas offering “special editions” of “Star Wars,” says Darren Franich. “There”s a long history of this, of networks and corporations trying to make more money off old things by re-presenting them as new,” he says.

WGA declined to recognize “Fargo” as a miniseries, so FX didn”t submit it for consideration
Writers” Guild said “Fargo” belonged in the drama series category. PLUS: Lorne Malvo is 2014″s best new character.

Is Olivia Munn responsible for the Green Bay Packers” NFL supremacy this season?
“The Newsroom” star and girlfriend of QB Aaron Rodgers had a previous relationship with an athlete whose team was successful during the relationship.

“America”s Got Talent” adds Cris Judd as a dance scout
The choreographer famous for being Jennifer Lopez”s ex-husband will seek out the best dancers in the country.

Jimmy Smits was “a little surprised” by his “Sons of Anarchy” fate
“I was a little surprised, specifically, about the way Nero ends up. But I totally get it. I totally get it,” he says. PLUS: “Why I hate Jax…”

Check out “The Goldbergs” in real life
Here”s home video of the real Adam and Emmy Mirsky.

Starz”s “Blunt Talk” adds Timm Sharp from “Enlightened”
He”ll play the head writer for Patrick Stewart”s show.