‘Titanic 3D’ poster has Leo and Kate embracing like it’s 1997

Sneer at the Twi-hards all you want, but never forget that you were young once too, sniveling at the local multiplex in a mall someplace as Jack slipped beneath the icy North Atlantic waters to leave Rose drifting alone on that plank of wood, alone and crying, her entire life transformed in a single instant.

Perhaps the just-released new poster for “Titanic 3D” will draw up some of those old feelings, with its depiction of the young couple embracing onboard the doomed ship as it begins to sink further and further into the ocean. There’s Leo, in his early 20s again, still angel-faced and impossibly beautiful, gripping his beloved Rose as she leans into him, desperate for solace from the chaos around them.

The thing about the re-release of a blockbuster film like “Titanic” is that there’s really no need for the marketing team to go out of their way to be creative – just a simple iconic image to stir up fond memories of the movie at hand is enough to get folks into the theater.

“Experience It Like Never Before – In 3D”, promises the tagline. BAM! Simple, clean, and effective. I give this baby an “A”. 

Check out the full poster below and let us know what you think by grading it at top left!

“Titanic 3D” hits theaters on April 6th.