Tom Cruise heads underwater and into the air in new “Mission Impossible’ trailer

Twenty years.

That's how long Tom Cruise has been making “Mission: Impossible” films. I kind of love that every sigle film in the franchise is a different director. Over the last three films, though, the series has snapped into a much more rigorous sort of overall continuity, and it's done a much better job of building a team that lasts from film to film.

From JJ Abrams to Brad Bird to Christopher McQuarrie now, we've seen Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) put together a team, and in this one, it looks like we get Jeremy Renner, Smon Pegg, and Ving Rhames together, along with uber-hot newcomer Rebecca Ferguson. I love the various set pieces we get a glimpse of here, and the craziest of the bunch appears to be the one at the start of the trailer, with the weird whirlpool and the strange underwater stuff.

I'm not going to pretend like these movies have all been masterful executions of perfect plots, but I am excited to see the latest one to see how McQuarrie ups the stakes from the last one. In that film, it felt like Brad Bird finally perfected what a “Mission: Impossible” movie is supposed to look like, and McQuarrie did an excellent job with Cruise in “Jack Reacher.”

So does this mean that between the excellent place they left the last film and the remarkable talents of Mr. McQuarrie, this is going to be the best “Mission: Impossible” of the bunch?

The Led Zeppelin certainly does not hurt.

We'll find out when “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” opens July 31, 2015.