Tom Hanks is front and center on the poster for Steven Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’

It's hard not to be excited for Steven Spielberg's “Bridge of Spies.” A Cold War drama starring Tom Hanks as an American lawyer recruited by the CIA to help rescue a pilot detained by the Soviet Union, yeah, it ticks a lot of “prestige” boxes. And we all know that can be a two-way street. But this could be great.

And Hanks is certainly the selling point for the first poster, which landed today courtesy of Walt Disney Studios. His head, large and in charge, caught in the gray area between the striking colors of the American and Soviet flags. Hello theme!

We'll know a little bit more about “Bridge of Spies” tomorrow morning when Disney releases the first trailer for the film. And I can't help but wonder if, in due time, we'll learn that the film is playing the New York Film Festival like “Lincoln” before it.

Check out the new poster below and tell us what you think.