Tom Hardy is stuck in reverse in ‘Locke’ teaser

Tom Hardy takes a very important call in the upcoming thriller “Locke” from writer-turned-director Steven Knight (“Dirty Pretty Things,” “Closed Circuit”).

The character-driven “Locke” is the most recent in a string of post-millennial films which take place primarily in the claustrophobic confines of a car. Hardy plays a man named Ivan Locke who take cares of business — both personal and professional — on his cell phone while driving cross-ountry through England. He also carries on an imaginary dialogue with his deceased father. 

The action in the clip is mostly played back-to-front, countering the chilling words “Some choices you can't reverse.” You can even hear a little bit of Hardy's “Dark Knight Rises” character Bane when he says, “I have made my decision…”

Watch the teaser here:

It also stars Tom Holland, Olivia Colman and Andrew Scott.

“Locke” opens April 18 in the U.K. and April 25 in the U.S.