Why Tony Hale stopped watching ‘Game of Thrones’ after the very first episode

Tony Hale stopped watching Game of Thrones after the very first episode, and I support his reason: he doesn't like seeing little kids get thrown out of windows.

Appearing on a segment of The Wrap's “Wrapid Fire” series, the Veep star opened up about his aversion to the HBO fantasy series when host Stuart Brazell asked him what his favorite character was:

“I don't watch Game of Thrones, “cause they pushed a kid out the window in the first episode, and it freaked me out.”

Hale is of course talking about Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright), the then-10-year-old wall-climber who was unfortunate enough to stumble upon Jaime and Cersei's incestuous lovemaking session at Winterfell. Wonder if Tony knows he survived?

In any event, the Arrested Development star is far from the only celeb to have opted out of the blockbuster series. Want names? Here's our roundup of GoT-ignorant thesps from last year's San Diego Comic-Con: