Top-secret ‘Breaking Dawn’ ending will not be that rumored dance sequence

No, you will not see the “Twilight” cast boogie down in the final scene of “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” – at least not according to Summit.

Though Nikki Reed (a.k.a. Rosalie Hale) recently hinted that a choreographed dance number involving 150 members of the cast – performed as a surprise for director Bill Condon – may in fact be the “amazing” top-secret ending previously teased by co-star Kristen Stewart, the studio has officially discredited the rumor to EW.  While admitting that the dance sequence indeed exists, they claim it will not be included in the final cut of the upcoming franchise-closer.

So what exactly does Condon have in store, then? Guess you’ll just have to wait and find out when the film hits theaters on November 16.

Thoughts on the news, Twi-hards? Any ideas what the surprise ending might be? Sound off below.