‘Transformers’ star Mark Wahlberg says ‘Age of Extinction’ is ‘more realistic’

(CBR) If you don”t think the words “Transformers” and “realistic” belong in the same sentence, then maybe you need to have a conversation with Mark Wahlberg.

Wahlberg, star of Michael Bay”s “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” claims the new movie is “a little bit more believable” than previous installments of the franchise, while remaining familiar to fans.

“When we saw parts of the movie, and how it”s come together, you know, you have a whole new cast, you have a whole new threat, new enemies and all the things that you liked, with all the explosions and the action, but it”s just a little bit more realistic, a little bit more believable, I think,” he told IGN.

“Recruiting the Dinobots – it”s pretty elaborate in how it happens,” he added. “[It's] not like Optimus has a whistle and they come running, he”s really got to convince them to come onboard and fight this fight, and it”s pretty cool how it”s done. I think people are definitely going to get their money”s worth, it”s well worth the wait. And I think, for the die-hard fans, they”re going to have a whole new thing to look forward to in the future.”

“Transformers: Age of Extinction” arrives June 27.

(via THR)