Nina Dobrev And More Play Two Lies And A Truth About ‘The Vampire Diaries’ New Season

When it comes to a show like “The Vampire Diaries,” nothing is off the table. Mixing together vampires and their many derivatives with werewolves, ghosts, witches, and more results in some seriously convoluted plot twists.

Let's make it even more complicated, shall we?

I caught up with some of the cast and creators of “The Vampire Diaries” during San Diego Comic-Con and asked them if they wanted to play a game. Sadly I didn't have the foresight to bring my Jigsaw mask, but they all agreed anyway.

With Two Lies And A Truth, I requested they lie to my face about things that will happen in the upcoming sixth season. And then to sprinkle it with truth. Can you guys figure out which of these statements are false and which will come to pass?

“The Vampire Diaries” returns to The CW on October 2.