Uh Oh: 146 Americans have named their babies “Khaleesi”

I’m here to talk about two upsetting trends this morning. The first, I uncovered while researching the second, and it’s that Women of the Internet have taken to posting photos of themselves dressed up like Daenerys Targaryen with plastic dragons on their shoulders. Which is something of an insult to the actual, totally real, flesh-and-blood dragons on “Game of Thrones.”

The seconds trend is that tons of Americans are naming their babies Khaleesi. So far, the count is up to 146 little Dothraki queens — all girls as of now, but certainly, a set of progressive parents will eventually bestow the moniker on a little boy.

The thing about naming babies Khaleesi, of course, is that “Khaleesi” isn’t actually a name, it’s a title, which means it’s something in between naming a baby “Queen” and “Wife.”

Daenerys would be a more appropriate thing to name a child, although that is something of a mouthful. Which is why my as-of-yet nonexistent baby will be named Stormborn.

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