‘Under the Dome’ attracts 13.1 million

“Under the Dome” attracts 13.1 million

The CBS series had the best broadcast TV summer debut since “The Singing Bee” in 2007.

NYC won’t let Nik Wallenda walk across the skyline

The stuntman wanted to try walking from the Chrysler Building to the Empire State Building, but NYC police commissioner Ray Kelly isn’t keen on the idea.

Paula Deen’s sons deny their mom is a racist: This is “character assassination”

“That word,” said Bobby Deen, “that horrifying, terrible word that exists and I abhor it coming from any person … we weren’t raised in a home where that word was used.” PLUS: Late-night hosts take on Deen.

“Breaking Bad” unveils a new poster

“Remember My Name.” PLUS: Bryan Cranston shows off a “Malcolm” tattoo.

Introducing “So You Think You Can Prance”
America’s new favorite competitive dance show, courtesy of Funny or Die.

“Mad Men’s” Kevin Rahm reacts to the season finale
Will there be a Pete Campbell-Ted Chaough spinoff? PLUS: Don Draper’s childhood home found in L.A.

Claim: “Sopranos” stars are upset with Joe Gannascoli for doing interviews about James Gandolfini
Gannascoli, who played gay mobster Vito Spatafore, was reportedly not close to Gandolfini, which upset many of his co-stars.

Jimmy Kimmel is sporting a black eye, thanks to a car door
Kimmel declined to wear makeup, but did show a “reenactment” of him getting bruised on last night’s show.

“Homeland’s” Damian Lewis is currently bald

Lewis shaved off all his hair not for the Showtime series, but for a new movie he’s filming.