Prepare For Heavy Binging As ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Makes Its Way To Streaming

The theme song that sparked thousands of nightmares in the early nineties is about to infect a new generation via your favorite streaming platform. Unsolved Mysteries in all of its forms should be on most streaming platforms by next year. The show is already on Amazon Prime with host Dennis Farina from the show’s revival in 2008-2010 on Spike, but the classics with Robert Stack will also be making a return in 2017. Stack hosted the show from 1987 to 2002, amassing close to 600 episodes according to Entertainment Weekly. And now those episodes will be available for your binging pleasure according to a statement from distributor FilmRise:

“We’re pleased to be releasing this celebrated series to a large audience of fans both old and new,” said Danny Fisher, CEO of FilmRise. “‘Unsolved Mysteries’ is an American tradition that FilmRise is excited to preserve.”

And not only will the show make its presence felt online, it will also apparently feature updates to those classic mysteries that never found a solution. People disappearing out of thin air, scorned lovers involved in dramatic murder plots, the most frightening reenactments on television, all right back on your televisions. What could a true crime junkie want more?

If you’ve never watched, imagine your Making A Murderer binge sessions smashed with The Jinx and then folded into whatever Investigation Discovery shows for a marathon for a weekend. That’s Unsolved Mysteries, the creepier cousin of America’s Most Wanted.

(Via The Wrap / Entertainment Weekly)