Vanessa Hudgens unleashes ‘Spring Breakers’-inspired song ‘$$$ex’

03.25.13 6 years ago

Vanessa Hudgens has unzipped a new track called “$$$ex,” which was inspired by her newest film “Spring Breakers.” That’s “sex” spelled with three dollar signs. Harmony Korine’s film could essentially be explained in similar terms, though a smiley face would also be acceptable.

Hudgens leads with a cheerleader rap that Sleigh Bells would applaud, reporting the mischief that a guy with a “condom in his wallet” gets up to. The themes of girls becoming women, innocence becoming foul play and beauty getting ugly also show up in this blissfully short track; the jump-rope rhymes urges its subject to “stop being so clever” with the infantilized purr turning into the f-bomb and a sexy screech. “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness,” she chants. On it.

Skrillex was the composer on “Spring Breakers” and his inspiration can be heard in a dub-step breakdown. Pop producers Rock Mafia helmed.

In a way, Hudgens could be singing at “Spring Breakers” director Harmony Korine, condemning him for thinking “you’re so f*cking clever,” because dude made this cake and ate it too. Hudgens’ depraved character from this film both makes fun of the reductionist ideals of girl-women while at the same time embraces them with a bang. This song may just be an extension of that, in that it’s just a delicious, hot mess.

Hit play, and wash your bathing suit out between uses.

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