Matt Walsh has words for Sylvester Stallone, and on ‘Into the Storm’

“Into the Storm” is not at all a comedy, but co-stars Matt Walsh and Jeremy Sumpter had a few laughs during their promotion of the disaster film this past week.

Speaking to HitFix in Los Angeles, the “Veep” actor Walsh admitted to stepping outside his wheelhouse to become a dead-serious tornado chaser for the flick, which in turn prepared him for more “action, stunt-heavy” roles.

“It's like being a 12-year-old kid,” Walsh said.

“You should do 'Expendables 4,'” Sumpter urged.

“Stallone, I'm ready.”

The high-winds action had huge scale on screen, but the actors had to do a lot of studio work, with blue screens and VFX in post to make it look real. Still, that didn't mean they didn't feel peril: Sumpter described that “everything you see [on screen] is there,” with the help of elements like wind machines, rain machines, “real explosions” and flying debris.

“The sets were unreal,” he said.

So what marks a good disaster flick and a bad one?

“'Twister' marked a bad one,” Sumpter joked, breaking a light, unspeakable taboo of name-checking the movie one's own movie resembles most. He explained, though that “it was my favorite movie as a kid.”