Kristen Bell talks Team Logan/Team Piz and what could be next for ‘Veronica Mars’

While everyone else was celebrating Pi Day, Marshmallows were celebrating P.I. Day.

Yep, March 14 marked two years since the release of the Veronica Mars movie, the Kickstarter-funded follow-up to the teen noir TV series.

While talking with Kristen Bell about her new movie The Boss, I pointed out we had just passed this VMars movie anniversary, and it sounds like time has flown for the actress in those years: “Oh we did?! Oh my God, two years,” she said.

Necessary check-in two years post-Veronica Mars movie: Where is Bell at right now in the Team Logan/Team Piz debate?

Veronica Mars movie spoiler warning!

“Prior to the movie, I think I was Team Piz, “cause I thought he treated her better,” Bell said of Veronica”s great love triangle. “But after the movie – you know, Logan really fought for her, and he was finally the underdog – instead of the troublemaker – which I have a soft spot in my heart for. So I think I”m leaning towards Team Logan, which I know will make the fans really happy.”

Of course, the crazy thing is the Veronica Mars writers originally didn“t intend for Neptune, CA”s resident bad boy to be a love interest for Veronica.