Video of the Day: ‘Stack Stalk’ from ‘The Roommate’

You can see why Leighton Meester was cast in the titular role of “The Roomate,” the new thriller from Sony Screen Gems. The girl can do a creepy stare. While the stare is nowhere near the Hannibal Lecter level of blood-chilling, it certainly reaches the “has anyone seen the cat?” level of creepy.

In today’s Video of the Day, “Stack Stalk,” Rebecca, (Meester) pursues an unknowing Stephen (Cam Gigandet) around the library. You see, she’s mad that her roommate and new best friend Sara (played by Minka Kelly) is spending too much time with him, I’m sure in her mind this is a perfectly good reason for stalking, and it makes for a creepy scene, and so it’s the Video of the Day. I have not seen the film as of yet, but things do not look so  good for our friend Cam.

I’ve attached two more clips from the film below where Rebecca first becomes angry at Stephen, and another where she turns down the advances of a gas station attendant using gasoline. Good stuff.

“The Roommate” opens everywhere Friday February 4th

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