‘Walking Dead’ tribute beer is made with (gulp) actual brains

and 03.25.14 5 years ago

(CBR) Considering we established long ago that Soylent Green is – spoilers! – people, it should come as no real surprise that a new “Walking Dead” tribute beer contains brains, right? Goat brains, to specific.

All right, maybe it”s a little surprising.

On Sunday, Dock Street Brewing Co. in Philadelphia will debut Dock Street Walker, an American Pale Stout brewed with wheat, oats, flaked barley, organic cranberry and – wait for it, wait for it – smoked goat brains.

“In true walker fashion, don”t be surprised if its head doesn”t hang around forever,” the microbrewery jokes.

“Gourmet mushrooms and potentially hallucinogenic herbs are one thing, but smoked brains … really?” the Dock Street website reads. “Believe it or not, much of the world considers brain to be a true delicacy. Think “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”, but not ridiculous. Many also believe that using every part of the animal not only increases and encourages sustainability, but also honors the animal”s life and death.”

The beer”s unveiling on Sunday coincides with the season finale of AMC”s “The Walking Dead”.

(via Eater.com)

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