Want another chance to see ‘Attack The Block’ in Los Angeles?

If you’re still upset that you did not make it to the Fan Appreciation Screening of “Attack The Block” that we helped promote a few weeks ago, you’re in luck.

At that point, there was no distributor for the US yet, but since then, we’ve gotten the good news that Sony/Screen Gems will be handling the film here in the United States, and so there’s going to be another Fan Appreciation Screening, and another opportunity for you to attend.

Here’s the basic details:

Back By Popular Demand! Sony/Screen Gems wants to give the fans another post SXSW chance the Audience Award winner!

Tuesday – April 26th
7:30pm – Landmark Theatre @ Westside Pavilion in Los Angeles

RSVP: attacktheblockrsvp@gmail.com (Spell you and your guest”s name – First and Last)

After that last screening, I got dozens of e-mails and tweets and messages from people who went, flipping out about how much they enjoyed the film.  So far, I’ve spoken to a grand total of one person who dismissed the movie, and considering how cynical people are about genre fare, that’s impressive.

I love the fact that we’re able to help get you guys into early screenings of this one, because this is exactly the sort of film that needs to build a word-of-mouth reputation before its release.  There are no stars to hang the release on, but once you’ve seen it, you won’t care.  It’s not that type of movie.

If you’ve missed my talk about the film so far, here’s my review from SXSW.  I cannot urge you strongly enough to call the RSVP line and try to make it on Tuesday.  I’m going to probably not attend just so that’s one more seat available for a first-time viewer. 

I believe in “Attack the Block” this year, and I’m willing to bet that if you go on Tuesday night, you will, too.