‘Warcraft’ Set Visit: From weapons to visual effects, everything’s bigger in Azeroth

On a cold day in early 2014, HitFix Harpy was among those invited to check out the set of “Warcraft.” Now I”m finally able to share (some) of that information with you! As a former World of Warcraft addict that occasionally lapses with each new expansion, I was skeptical. After all, video game movies don”t have the best track record. But after spending a day with the cast and crew of “Warcraft,” I think if anyone can break the video game movie curse, it”s these guys.

The “Warcraft” universe is vast, with over a decade”s worth of lore spanning both games and novels. Trying to condense that into a single film would be a fool”s errand so Duncan Jones and his collaborator”s had to pick a story. They settled on one surrounding the King Llane Wrynn of Azeroth, Lothar, and Medivh on the human side and Durotan and Orgrim on the orc side. If you”re a fan of the games, you can probably put two and two together. If not, I”ll let the actors describe their characters in more detail!

Image Credit: Legendary Pictures

Toby Kebbell: I play Durotan, Chief of the Frostwolf Clan. [points to Anna Galvin] And this is my lovely wife, Draka.

Anna Galvin: He”s the Chieftain and I'm his wife, but there's some lovely things that color our relationship. We're very much peers. And there's a great deal of respect and love between us. In the movie I actually can hold sway over him a little bit. He will listen to me. His word isn”t the law, at least behind closed doors for us. 

Paula Patton: I play the character Garona. She's a really fascinating character in this world. You have this woman who begins as a slave to Gul'dan, but has had to basically fight/beat her way into having any respect from the orcs because she's half orc, half human.  And that's what makes her really fascinating to play. And then she finds herself in the human world. Things change, and she changes. But, the thing about Garona, she never quite fits into either world.

Dominic Cooper: I play King Llane Wrynn. He's a good, solid, nice king.I'm always playing horrible people [so] this is my challenge; to actually play somebody who properly cares about his people and cares about resolving this situation he finds himself in. He's a good man but he trusts – possibly too much – the people around him rather than going with his instincts.

Travis Fimmell: I played Lothar. He's the commander of the Azeroth military. He grew up with the king, is sort of best friends with the king and had a childhood with the mage Medivh, too. [The King and I] sort of reunite with Medivh and there's a lot of conflict between us. You don't know who”s side Medivh is on.