James Bond writer agrees Idris Elba should be the next 007

Screenwriter and graphic novelist Warren Ellis recently published a newsletter in which he shared his thoughts on his new James Bond comic “VARGR”. In the newsletter, BleedingCool reports how Ellis stayed faithful to Ian Fleming's version of Bond and who he thinks should play Bond next.  

Best known for his work writing for Marvel and DC Comics, Warren Ellis has had a hand in television and graphic novels for over 20 years. His newest project, a James Bond comic titled “VARGR”, debuts today. “VARGR” is a modern adaptation of Ian Fleming's book version of Bond. The comic book, which is drawn by James Masters, was produced in partnership with the Fleming estate. 

Ellis states that while it's a modern take on classic Bond, it still falls within the literary canon, in terms of storytelling. On working with the Fleming estate, Ellis said they were very easy to work with and that they were open to the style that he would bring to the story.

On who should play the next Bond, Ellis said: “I think Idris Elba is the only choice to succeed Daniel Craig in the films. Idris is a massive presence, a brilliant actor, and incredibly smart about story construction.”

Considering the public outcry these days for Elba to play the 007 agent after Craig retires, it's good to know the creative community feels the same way. 

“VARGR” exclusively hits digital shelves today.