Watch: 2 Chainz and Kanye West bite into a ‘Birthday Cake’ in new video

It would seem inconceivable, but “Birthday Cake” by 2 Chainz featuring Kanye West makes Sir Mix-a-Lot”s video for “Baby Got Back,” which similarly focuses on a woman”s behind, look tasteful.

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As you know from hearing the song, all 2 Chainz wants for his birthday is a “big booty ho,” so you know the video is going to concentrate on that. Even prepared with that knowledge, the clip still manages to hit a new low.   I guess it could be worse: they could objectify the women so much that they never show their faces, just their booties… and, to be fair, they only do that about half of the time. (What”s with the near-constant pose of the women with their arms up, as if they”re suspended by some invisible string?)  And besides, he”s not only insulting women, he”s insulting Pakistanis during one scene. He”s an equal opportunity offender.

West also stoops to a new low. He”s riding a bike through the totally decrepit neighborhood, pulling a float adorned with nipples. He passes an amazing contortionist, who is, hopefully for them, a “big booty ho,” and a clown getting beaten with bats. For someone who is so talented, it”s stupefying that he could come up with something this banal.

Not that it would be any less offensive, but it would be slightly more tolerable if the song were any good, but it is dreadful.. off the charts dreadful (although it is climbing the R&B chart). The  rapping is bad, the lyrics are worse, and there is nothing memorable about it at all other than how awful it is.