Watch: 5 new ‘Men in Black 3’ clips will make you go ‘Oh-kaaaay’


And that, friends, sums up my overall impression of these five new “Men in Black 3” clips – both in the sense that the above utterance, as voiced by Will Smith, ranks as my favorite moment of the entire set and in the sense that, well, I really did just find them to be “okay”.

But who cares about what I think? After all, the person that really matters here is you, and you, and – of course – you, sir, there in the back corner. Is this something you’re likely to go out and see, or does the fact that Lara Flynn Boyle’s face was actually normal when the second movie came out somehow give you pause?

But enough chatter; let’s check out the clips, shall we? Perhaps they can serve as the deciding factor in whether “Men in Black 3” makes it on your summer-movie viewing list.

Clip #1 – “Coffee Tastes Like Dirt” or, “I’m Like, ‘Oh-kaaaay!'”:

Clip #2 – “Who Are You and What Do You Know”, or “Wow, Josh Brolin Really Does Sound Like a Young Tommy Lee Jones Here!””

Clip #3 – “Turn Your Cell Phone Off”, or “‘Electro-Biomechanical-Neuro-Transmitting-Zero-Synapses-Repositioner’ is the New ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’, Except Not Really”:

Clip #4 – “Have These in the Future”, or “Those High-Speed Monowheels Remind Me of the ‘It’ Crafts Mr. Garrison Creates in That Really Funny ‘South Park’ Episode, Except They Don’t Have a Handle That Goes Up Your Butt”:

Clip #5 – “Spiky Bulba Fight Scene”, or “Did He Just Say ‘Spiky Vulva?'”:

“Men in Black 3” hits theaters on May 25. It was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and stars Will Smith, Josh Brolin, Alice Eve, Tommy Lee Jones, Emma Thompson and Nicole Scherzinger, who is currently looking for a job.

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