Watch: 5 reasons to scream for the new ‘Scream 4’ trailer

• “Peeping Tom” story line. If you’re a fan of the 1960 classic directed by Michael Powell, about a disturbed young man who films the faces of the women he murders  you’ll see the homage of sorts now that one of the “new version” rules is that the killer must “be filming the murders”

•Alison Brie – We love her as Annie on “community” and here she is at minute 1:15 in a slightly less humorous situation.

•Hayden Panetierre. There’s a lot more Hayden in this trailer, and we like that. She’s brassy and can rattle off a slew of horror remakes so fast it’ll make your head spin. (min 1:44)

• Deputy Dewey! Everyone’s favorite constable since Barney Fife is back, once again played by David Arquette in what’s most likely to be his last role opposite Courney Cox, no?

•Ghost Face! It really doesn’t matter what actor is wearing the mask, the voice of Ghost Face, always performed by Roger L. Jackson is what chills us in these films. We hear he’s back from this trailer. (‘hear’ get it? huh? huh?)

There are many things to love about this new “Scream 4” trailer, these five that caught my eye. It’s embedded below, I’m open to suggestions if you think I missed something, or perhaps hold a differing opinion?
 –Alex Dorn