7 things we learned from the latest ‘Mirror Mirror’ clips

“Mirror Mirror” has made the latest move in the battle of the Snow Whites by unleashing 7 new clips. Watch them below.

In the upcoming fairy tale, Julia Roberts plays the evil queen to Lily Collins’ Snow White, while Armie Hammer plays the prince. Nathan Lane is also along for the ride and director Tarsem Singh goes from the dark violence of “The Cell” and “Immortals” to this bright, family-friendly fairy tale.

Here are some things we learned from each clip:

1. This Snow White is more than just a pretty face

Though she may not have the swashbuckling skills of the prince (or Kristen Stewart for that matter), “Mirror’s” Snow White can handle a sword.

2. The 7 dwarfs also know how to fight (and may have even been trained by Cirque du Soleil)

Here, the prince and his companion face attackers who appear to be giants, but turn out to be “miniscule.” Judge me by my size, do you?

3. Even with Tarsem Singh directing, this is most definitely for kids

“The Cell,” “The Fall” and “Immortals” all featured surreal images of strange places, dark violence, and death, and weren’t exactly toddler-friendly. While they’ve earned cult followings, so far none of Tarsem’s films have struck box office gold. Perhaps with that in mind, the director seems to be going as far as he can in the other direction with the family film “Mirror Mirror.” Behold:

4. Lily Collins is the straight woman

As Snow White, Collins (“The Blind Side,” “Abduction”) doesn’t seem to get to do much of the silly stuff. Besides wearing a Bjork-inspired dress and dancing clumsily, Snow’s presence in this scene appears to be for purely expository purposes.

5. The Dwarfs are the 99%

In a plot point ripped from the headlines, the 7 wee men of the woods steal back the peoples’ taxes from Lane, whom they accuse of being a “royal.” Occupy the forest!

6. “The Social Network” may have been a fluke

After wowing audiences with his overtime turn as both Winklevoss twins in David Fincher’s Facebook epic, Hammer looked awkward and lost in Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar,” and doesn’t seem to be doing very much here either. Maybe “The Lone Ranger” will get him back on track.

7. Like any great film of its time, there are poop jokes.

How does the Queen stay so young? Bird excrement of course! Not to mention snakes, bugs and strange-looking veggies. Maybe Roberts should try out for “Fear Factor.”

“Mirror Mirror” opens nationwide March 30. That other “Snow White” movie opens June 1.