Watch: Adam DeVine and Rebel Wilson talk ‘Pitch Perfect’

Though Oscar-nominee Anna Kendrick might be the highest profile star of “Pitch Perfect,” it’s quirky comedians Adam DeVine (“Workaholics”) and Rebel Wilson (“Bridesmaids”) who steal the show. As members of competing a cappella singing groups, Bumper (DeVine) and Fat Amy (Wilson) have a love-hate relationship that seems on the verge of blossoming into something steamy — but we may have to wait for the sequel to get the skinny. “There was a lot more between us,” Wilson deadpanned. “I think they decided Anna Kendrick had been nominated for an Oscar, so she should get the main love story, really.”

“There was a lot of stuff that wasn’t necessarily filmed, but was talked about. Not necessarily the producers or the writer or the director, but we would talk about it,” added DeVine.

And what did they brainstorm? “We talked about when Bumper and Fat Amy go to Broadway,” Wilson joked. 

“That’s the spin-off,” DeVine said. “It’s actually a live Broadway production of our lust. In 2018, get ready. We’re going to start writing it now.”

Given that they’re perfectly comfortable swapping jokes during an interview, it seemed that they would have been just as likely to improv on the set. “I think Jason didn’t know if I could read or not,” Wilson shrugged. 

Though Wilson suggested some dance moves, it seems not everything showed up in the film — though we do see her perform a mermaid dance. “I do pirate dancing, where you cover one eye, I do mermaid dancing. There were whole sequences,” Wilson joked.

“I just do a lot of twerking,” DeVine said. “It’s just hip gyrations. It’s probably too sexy for the film. It’s a PG-13 film.”

Wilson nodded. “We were too hot for the camera to handle.”

“This isn’t an LL Cool J video, Bumper!” Devine added. Yeah, I think I’d buy advance tickets to Bumper and Fat Amy’s Broadway show. Wouldn’t you?

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