Watch: Alex Pettyfer and D.J. Caruso reveal all about ‘I Am Number Four’

“Alex Pettyfer cuts DJ Caruso’s grass and he gets him coke” says the blond young star with a sneering smile  and a “fake headline” tone about his relationship with director D.J. Caruso. It’s all perfectly innocent, of course. Jenna Busch has gotten the pair laughing, and hitting subject matters far afield of the topic at hand: their new film “I am Number Four”

The new teen thriller features Alex Pettyfer as John Smith, an anonymous teen who’s spent his entire life running from town to town changing his identity in order to escape a dangerous alien enemy. The director, D.J. Caruso (“Disturbia”) had more than the aforementioned tawdry  reasons to cast Pettyfer: “It was more about his vulnerability… he made Number Four someone you could root for.”

When asked about the comparisons that the film is getting to mega-franchise “Twilight Saga,” Pettyfer is polite and demure. “I think it’s a compliment, if we have half the success that “Twilight” had we’ll be very happy, but the movie itself is absolutely nothing like “Twilight.”

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Watch the entire interview embedded above, Jenna Busch somehow manages to get some non drug or lawn-care questions in as well.

“I Am Number Four” opens in theaters everywhere Friday February 18th, 2011.


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